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Cosmetic Surgery for diamonds
Just a Little Help to Make Each Stone Looks its Best!

The Shorter Version

Some of the imperfections that are naturally found in almost all diamonds are removed in an extremely intricate process, by experts in their field. Thus, the 'clarity' has been improved or 'enhanced'.

You then benefit from the incredible cost saving that our sparkly, 100% certified diamonds bring.

For example, would you or your partner prefer bigger size and sparkle for your money?!

If you see the diamond and don't get the 'wow factor' that our customers report (5 stars on TrustPilot) you can even send it back (for a quick inspection) and full refund in 14 days. It's even FREE to do so!

The Longer Version

Burscarf clarity enhanced diamonds have the reputation of being the best available as we only select the higher grade 'whites' and stones we know will react best to our superior treatment. All are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Previously a trade secret not widely available before in the UK, we are the first on-line Company to specialise in clarity enhanced diamonds and pass on the HUGE SAVINGS to our customers. 

Our clarity enhancement process takes a 100% natural diamond that has visible imperfections and makes these invisible to the naked eye. The flaws are now less obvious and can only be seen under x10 magnification.

This enables us to sell you a more beautiful and larger diamond than you might get from another company supplying you an untreated stone for the same price. The bottom line is that clarity enhancement enables customers to buy a larger diamond than they would usually be able to afford. The choice is yours whether to spend your hard earned money on a less impressive, small conventional stone or a larger, really beautiful, stunning diamond which will look a million dollars!

Before Enhancement
After Enhancement

Before Enhancement

After Enhancement

Clarity enhancement was pioneered over twenty years ago and has now become an accepted method to improve the natural beauty of a diamond. It is important to stress that you are still buying a genuine, 100% natural diamond and it is just a case of us taking the preparation of the stone a step further optimising each individual diamond’s inherent characteristics, fire and brilliance. The advanced Burscarf process produces permanent results,head and shoulders above the competition. 

The clarity enhancement is invisible to the naked eye. Indeed, some jewellers refuse to stock them as if they become mixed up with their stock of conventional stones, it is sometimes impossible for even professionals to tell the difference.

Currently there is no legal requirement in the UK to declare if a diamond has been clarity enhanced or not, so beware what might appear to be a diamond of exceptional value sold without any certification. A favourite trick of unscrupulous dealers, is to tell unsuspecting customers that the diamond is 'second hand' hence no certificate, but this is nonsense as the trade price to get a diamond certified is much less than the increase in value having a certificate will make to the stone.


We are sometimes asked if there are any disadvantages of clarity enhanced diamonds or should they be treated any differently from conventional stones. Importantly, The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), perhaps the most respected independent diamond laboratory in the world, has stated that clarity enhancement is in no way detrimental to the natural diamond nor will it effect the stone’s natural hard wearing properties or weight.

Many conventional jewellers will 'rubbish' clarity enhanced diamonds if asked by a layman what the advantages and disdvantages are, but we have to say this is very much 'sour grapes' as they perceive the better value clarity enhanced diamonds are a threat to their businesses. As in all things, there are different levels of quality available and you can be confident we choose superior diamonds and never accept second best from our suppliers. 

It is only viable to enhance diamonds 0.3ct or larger as improvements to smaller stones are neglible. All the diamonds in our Engagement Ring 2016 Collection are clarity enhanced, but the smaller diamonds featuring in our Designer Collection, remain untreated and are selected for their natural sparkle, whiteness and brilliance. If Clarity Enhanced diamonds are not for you, we are able to provide you conventional diamonds at trade prices through our GIA diamond broking service

 If you remain in any doubt or have any questions you want answered, please Tel 020 3633 3904 for professional, friendly advice.