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Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Bands

Wedding bands, or wedding rings as they are often known, symbolise love, devotion and a promise. It is an everyday reminder that you wear on your finger, which is why it’s important it fits you perfectly, and it’s something you will only grow to love more each day, just like your partner. Many people find choosing a wedding band is a lot easier than choosing an engagement ring – this is because the pressure is essentially off, you’ve made the big gesture and you’ve received the ‘yes’ you’ve been dreaming about for the last few months or years. But that doesn’t mean you have to take your foot off the pedal. Each ring you choose for your partner should be sentimental, have meaning and be thoughtful – it’s how we show love and adoration for all of those around us.

Thankfully for couples across the world, rings have evolved quite significantly over the years, so you can have everything you desire in a ring without compromising on style or quality. Custom wedding bands have become quite the popular choice, and surprisingly they can cost less but of course, this depends on your requirements and details. It’s important to note that custom jewellers often have a lead time of 4-6 weeks, or more so be organised and plan ahead!

Women’s Wedding Rings

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Women tend to take more pride in their jewellery and the sentimental value it holds. There are many wedding band styles from simplistic plain rings, to platinum, diamond and sapphire rings. If you’re a fan of consistency, pairing your band with your engagement ring is a popular choice, as those two rings are the two that you’ll be wearing every day.

The most popular wedding band styles for women are; plain, eternity, sapphire and diamond rings.

Plain wedding bands – A timeless, classic wedding band which is more suited towards those who are traditional and prefer simplicity

Eternity rings – Eternity ringa feature gemstones that wrap around the finger, which ultimately allows the ring to shine and glow from every angle

Sapphire bands – Sapphire is ideal for those who love a splash of colour in their jewellery

Diamond bands – Many women gravitate towards diamonds because of their sparkle and sophistication

Men’s Wedding Rings

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For men, although a wedding band is an expression of his love and commitment, grooms’ options when it comes to rings are similar. Plain metal bands or contemporary bands are quite common, and provide a simple, sophisticated look.

Width / Thickness

This is all down to personal preference and how thick you would like your ring to be. There are a variety of widths available and wider rings tend to be more expensive as they require a larger quantity of precious metal.

Which metal?

Platinum, white gold, yellow gold, palladium or rose gold

Which finish?

Matte, high polish, combination of both matte & polish, engraving, custom

The Fit

Flat or curved? The edges of the ring can be curved or flat, which forms right angels to the sides of the ring. If you aren’t used to wearing a ring every day, rounded edge rings are the best to go for.

Engraving Wedding Bands

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This is an exceptionally popular way to add a sweet and sentimental touch to both of your wedding rings. The engraving typically occurs on the inside of the band, and you can customise the engraving however you may please, whether it’s with your wedding date, the date you first met, a short saying and so on. The length of the engraving, however, will depend on how large the ring is, so this is important to consider when you’re deciding on engraving ideas.

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