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Gemstones and Their Meanings

There are a variety of precious gemstones available, but are you aware how many there are, their meanings and history?

When it comes to planning an engagement, knowing the background and history of a gemstone can add to its sentiment. We all know that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, but it’s actually the ruby that is the stone of love! So, if you’re struggling to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner, or if you’re just looking to treat yourself, we can help you understand the significant behind a range of gemstones.

Traditional Gemstones

These are the gemstones that we all know of and are aware of. They are the most common that are bought within jewellery, especially rings. The reason that they are considered precious is because they are rare and there is a limited supply, which makes purchasing them even more special, and a great investment.
• Diamond
• Ruby
• Sapphire
• Emerald

There is also a list of other stones which are known as semi precious stones.

The Diamond

This is the hardest material on earth, and evidently the most popular out of all the other precious gemstones. The name originates from ancient Greece, as adamas means unbreakable. Diamonds can only be scratched if they’re met with other diamonds, which makes it strong and durable, all the while it has an impressive shine that can’t be missed. The quality of diamonds are usually determined by using the 4 C’s – colour, cut, clarity and carat. Diamond engagement rings are still in the lead for the most popular and in demand for engagements and weddings.

diamond engagement ring

The Ruby

The second most popular gemstone in the world. It’s best known for it’s deep red and vibrant glow. Essentially red radiates love and desire which is why it makes it the ultimate gift for someone you love. The Ruby is hugely celebrated within marriages once you reach 40 years! Pure rubies exhibit thin inclusions which are referred to as needles. When they intersect in groups, they have the ability to create something called ‘silk’ which softens the colour. This ultimately causes the light to scatter across the stone for a stunning appearance and glow.

ruby gemstones

The Sapphire

The stunning sapphire that captivates with its radiant blue colour. But did you know, pure sapphires are actually white! When they’re in the presence of titanium and iron however, they create a velvety blue colour. The most famous sapphire engagement ring was owned by the late Diana and is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Sapphires are the gemstones known for truth, justice and wisdom.

sapphire engagement ring

The Emerald

Best known for its intense green colour, the emerald possesses a clear depth of colour that not many gems have the ability to hold. This type of gemstone has been quite popular with royals. The famous Queen of Egypt Cleopatra adored wearing emeralds and we know why! Most often, the stone has intricate inclusions which are known as ‘jardin’. This is the French term for garden! It essentially makes the cutting of the gemstone more challenging, however cutters have developed a special cut to give the stone a rectangular or square shape.


For a full list of precious gemstones, visit here and see which is your favourite! And if you’re in need of an engagement ring buying guide, we can help to ensure that when you finally pop the question, that you do it in style and with the perfect ring.

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