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Engagement Ring Of The Month: Our Top Pick

We are all fully aware that purchasing an engagement ring is an extremely large symbol of love for your partner, and it shows that you want to take the relationship to the next level with their hand in marriage.

For many men, simply looking at a selection of engagement rings can be an overwhelming task. What’s a Tiffany setting? A Princess cut? Different types of stones and gems? Are those terms ringing any bells for you? If you’ve heard of a few but are not very familiar with exactly what they are, it might be best if you check out our guide so you can become familiar with different types of rings and styles.

Now, in today’s world, there are an increasing amount of couples who bring their partners along with them to choose the perfect ring. Although this can be romantic if it’s something you both want to do and you don’t necessarily care too much about a surprise, this does also mean you’re missing out on the once in a lifetime opportunity to well and truly surprise your partner. Either way, one thing for sure is that you need a ring that is going to make a long lasting impression and is something that your partner adores for all of eternity, literally.

The Handpicked Favourite

Introducing the 1CT D/SI1 Shoulder Set engagement ring. This is a stunning, and exquisitely elegant engagement ring that is ideal for the big spenders who are on a mission to impress. It boasts high quality 18k gold or platinum setting which is hand finished to nothing but excellence and perfection. Whenever you are making final decisions on an engagement ring, it’s important to consider the four C’s which ultimately determines the quality of a diamond.


Key Features

o Independent certificate by IGL Laboratory
o 18k gold or platinum setting
o 1-carat diamond
o Cut, polished and enhanced
o Free resizing

Why Choose the 1ct D/SI1 Engagement Ring?


This particular ring is a customers favourite, providing everything someone looks for in an engagement ring. It possesses a D grade colour, which means it’s colourless. This is the most sought after type of ring. If you know your stuff when it comes to diamonds, you’ll know that a well-cut diamond should have a bright, glowing shine and reflect light easily, this goes for internally and externally.

The ring is 1ct, so this ring will look big on your partner’s finger, meaning it is definitely one way to impress your friends and family. Try to not let the ring way your partners hand down, though! Depending on your partner’s preferred style (which you ALL should know), this ring offers versatility and can meet your demands and tastes. Looking for a stylish and outgoing ring, whilst it holds a traditional and elegant touch? Are you searching for intricate details around the ring that can’t be matched?

We think you’ve found your match.

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