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The Simple Buying Guide for Diamond Engagement Rings

Investing in diamonds can be daunting, especially when it all boils down to receiving an ecstatic ‘YES’ from your partner once you propose. It’s completely normal to feel nervous and overwhelmed as it’s possibly one of the biggest and worthwhile investments you will make.
So, sit down, take a few deep breaths, and follow us, we’ll take good care of you with our simple buying guide for diamond engagement rings.

You’ve already made a big decision regarding the size of the ring you want to propose with, so let’s tick that off your list! Before we go any further on your ideal engagement ring venture, there are 3 main mistakes you can make when buying a diamond ring.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Buying An Engagement Ring

1.Overpriced / Paying Too Much

It’s no doubt that diamonds will forever be popular and a rare gemstone that people adore. Based on these factors alone, it doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg, and maybe another leg, in order to be in possession of an exceptional engagement ring. You have to consider tax and the hidden costs that some brands have the habit of subtly sneaking in.

Let’s look at this for instance, you’re looking at the same ring which two companies have in stock. 1 is £5,499.00 and the other is £5999.00. Unless the cheaper version is a brand that is in fact, not trustworthy and has bad reviews coming out of their eyeballs, why wouldn’t you want to save on an expensive purchase?

It’s all competitive, and you just have to wisely shop around until you find a ring that is ‘the one’ and pulls you in like no other, or you can set yourself a personal mission to get yourself the greatest deal. There is no right or wrong here, it all comes down to personal preference.


Having high expectations can sometimes impact us in a negative way. When something doesn’t live up to our expectations, that’s when it leaves us feeling disappointed. It’s sensible to keep this is mind when you’re on the hunt for a ring that is over 1 carat diamond. There are many styles, sizes and designs that you can choose from, do not lower your expectations, but do not higher them to the point it ruins them either.

3.Purchasing The Wrong Diamond

We’re not all experts on diamonds, the shapes, the cuts and so on. It’s something that we learn to grasp and educate ourselves on, especially when we’re getting ready to reveal the big question to someone we love. One thing you should know though is to only buy certified diamond rings. A certified diamond is easier to resell rather than one that isn’t, but that applies to those who buy diamonds for investment purposes, and not engagement ones!

There are many diamond shapes that look quite similar, so it does happen when people mistakenly purchase the wrong style. Round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape, so if that is your first choice, well done! It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you have to check a particular ring 10 times or even 23 times, then you should do so. Either that, or you could take your own magnifying glass to the jewellers and inspect every inch yourself.

3 Factors That Will Determine Your Final Decision

decision making
The Budget – Ensure this is suitable and realistic.

Determine the setting – By knowing what type of setting you’d want; it gives you a clearer idea of how much you can spend on the actual diamond.

The 5 C’s – The 5 C’s are popular among the industry, and they are known as; cut grade, colour grade, clarity grade, carat weight, and certificate.

If you require further assistance when it comes to making the final decision, visit our article – ‘choosing an engagement ring for her’ which provides more details on how to choose the ideal engagement ring.

You can safely browse our full range of cheap diamond engagement rings over 1ct. This range allows you to create your own ring, which adds even more sentiment and thought to the engagement. With a diverse range of styles and designs, we’re confident in our diamond collection and would love to see you in our showroom, located in Hatton Garden. We’ll see you soon to help with your masterplan of an engagement. Deal?

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