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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Jewellery Edition

Mother’s Day is the one special day out of the whole year where mother’s are celebrated and showered with gifts – whether that be with flowers, chocolate, and a significant amount of love.

It’s a day of honouring your mother, so make sure you mark Sunday 31st down in your calendar and prepare to get a gift worthy of the special woman in your life.

We understand how daunting it can be to find a gift that will go down well, and so we’ve put together a small Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Jewellery Edition to give you some ideas and inspiration, and so you’re not running around like a headless chicken on the Saturday because you forgot it was Mother’s Day.

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day can also be referred to as Mothering Sunday and it goes back to ancient Greek times when they put on a festival every year inspired by maternal goddesses. It is believed that the Ancient Romans also joined in with the celebration by hosting their own festival, named Hilaria.

Mother’s Day is always the 4th Sunday of lent. The 24 hours mark the maternal bond that exists between a mother and a child, and it applies to other maternal figures too – such as grandmothers, mother in laws and grandmothers. The history of the event is quite exceptional, and it marks the importance of appreciation and gratefulness for mothers everywhere.
So, with that being said, let’s get started on the perfect jewellery gift guide so you can get your present all sorted and gift wrapped!

Mother’s Day Earrings

Jewellery can be very tricky to buy, especially as gifts. However, if you pay attention to style and the detail of what someone likes, it makes the experience and process a lot easier. Diamonds on the other hand, are something almost every single woman adores – they are after all, a girl’s best friend. Earrings can be considered quite a thoughtful and sentimental gift to women, and an elegant pair can make a wonderful addition to anyone’s jewellery collection. And don’t worry, a pair won’t break the bank either, which is always a win-win.

Our Top Picks for Mother’s Day Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings 3mm – 18K White Gold
diamonds stud earrings
18k white gold settings
Secure hand crafted butterfly backs
2 x 0.10ct white diamonds
£259.00 (RRP: £699.00)

Diamond Hoop Earrings – 0.20ct
diamond hoop earrings
18k gold setting
0.20ct white G/VS diamonds
£379.50 (RRP: £768.90)

Mother’s Day Necklaces and Pendants

If your mother is one that prefers necklaces over earrings, then a necklace for Mother’s Day sounds divine. Choosing the right necklace comes down to the style and design that is able to reflect someone’s personality or what they stand for. Jewellery isn’t simply a fashion statement, it’s an accessory that can tell a story too.

Heart shaped necklaces are among the popular designs, as well as solitaire and diamond pendants. Although they’re the most traditional and classic options for necklaces, there are options where you’re able to capture someone’s passions and hobbies. For example, music lovers would adore the Treble Clef Diamond Necklace, and nature lovers would most likely appreciate the stunning Butterfly Diamond Pendant.

Our Top Picks for Mother’s Day Necklaces

Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant – 0.05ct
heart shaped diamond pendant necklace
9k gold setting hand finished
Chain with secure fastening
£284.35 (RRP: £604.99)

Butterfly Diamond Pendant – 0.45ct White Gold
butterfly diamond necklace
18k gold setting hand finished
White G/VS grade diamonds
£570.00 (RRP: £1,199,99)

Mother’s Day Bracelets and Bangles

Ideal for the bracelet and bangle lovers! We all have our favourite types of jewellery, whether we prefer earrings over necklaces, or bracelets over rings, it’s all down to personal preference. Diamond bracelets, on the other hand, turn heads and add even more elegance to an outfit. From classic tennis bracelets to designer bangles, there are styles to suit any kind of woman. We recommend our diamond bracelet and bangle range to those with a higher budget. Take a look at our top picks to see if they catch your eye.

Our Top Picks for Mother’s Day Bracelets and Bangles

Classic Tennis Bracelet – 9k White Gold
classic tennis diamond bracelet
9k white gold bracelet
Free flowing design for comfortable wearing
From £1,298.00 (RRP: £2.748.90)

Diamond Bangle – 1.0ct
white gold diamond bangle
18ct gold settings hand finished
Superior G/VS sparkling white diamonds
£2,295.00 (RRP: £4,590.00)

We hope we’ve given you some Mother’s Day inspiration when it comes to jewellery. Rather than the usual chocolates and flowers this year, why not go for something that is different? If you get a bit stuck, just get in touch with us and we can be your guide – we’d be more than happy to!

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