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Would You Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is a once in a lifetime purchase. Although it can prove difficult to decide what style, budget or carat to go for, deciding whether or not to purchase one online can be an even more difficult task.

It’s no doubt that we’ve all shopped online at some point, whether it’s been for clothes, shoes or presents – it’s a much easier, smoother and the convenient option. The real question is, why do we tend to be more wary when it comes to engagement rings online? Simple – it’s the expense and importance that they hold.

We want you to always be safe online, with whatever purchases you make so we’ve put together a few helpful tips to put your mind at ease. Apply all of these tips to any company or business you come across online which you’re thinking about buying from, as the saying goes ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’.

Staying Safe Online

staying safe online
Don’t use public Wi-Fi to shop – Using a public network can set you up for identity theft. This is because when you enter personal information online, the majority of Wi-Fi hotspots do not encrypt your data. This means it makes it too easy for a local hacker who’s enjoying a cup of Costa Coffee to take your identity, providing they have the right tools and software to do so. When you’re shopping, always do it in a safe place or at home!

Is the website secure? – This is a major tip to look for and is very useful. When you’re visiting a website, always check the URL, this is the web address that appears in the bar at the top of every page. Each website URL will begin with HTTP or HTTPS. What’s the difference? HTTPS should be applicable on all websites that take online purchases, and the ‘S’ stands for secure.

Many E-Commerce sites online use HTTPS and SSL – SSL means secure sockets layer. This essentially encrypts the information so that only the intended recipient can see it. Find more information on HTTP vs HTTPS.

Change passwords regularly – Poor passwords and management is every cybercriminal’s dream. Because a lot of us use the same few passwords for each account we have, it makes it easier for hackers to take advantage and therefore access a lot more. Changing passwords regularly helps reduce fraud, or a digitally encrypted password manager vault is worth investing in. It keeps all of your accounts safe and can only be accessed by yourself with 1 password, so make sure it’s a strong one!

Is It Safe To Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Online?

staying secure online
It is absolutely safe to buy diamond engagement rings online if you take precautions and you know what you’re doing. Engagement rings online can save you a huge amount of money, which is why it’s crucial to do the following before you make any kind of purchase.

Research – The number one thing many people tend to avoid! We’re not saying to spend hours staring at your mobile or laptop screen to intentionally find something bad about a company but knowing as much as possible about them helps a great deal.

Are they legitimate? Are they officially registered as a business? Check social profiles, independent reviews. If they are a reputable company selling engagement rings, their online presence should say so too! When it comes to diamonds, it’s essential to look for certification to ensure the stones are as described and ethically sourced.

Company terms & conditions – This is not an exciting task, but it is one that has to be done. Privacy policies and terms and conditions outline key information that is not explained in great detail on the website. This could include the time period where you can make changes to the ring, your refund rights, delivery, product liability and so on. You can check out our terms and conditions as an example.

Payments – Never send a bank transfer, cash or cheques to purchase an engagement ring online. Unless you are going to a store yourself to purchase a ring, you should never use cash. This is because if there are issues down the line that surface, you need proof and protection of your own money.

We suggest using a credit card to buy an engagement ring online, this is because it will be protected by your bank. If something was to happen regarding any money in your account, it is the bank’s job to get that back, not yours. This, however, does not apply to debit cards.

rings in showroomVisit the showroom – When you and your partner are choosing an engagement ring together, it should be an exciting and romantic experience, not full of stress and worry. If you’re still not convinced about a jewellers engagement rings, visit the showroom to give you peace of mind.

Buy With Confidence

Ensure you consider all the tips we have touched upon throughout this article, they are vital when it comes to shopping online, especially when you’re investing in an engagement ring that has a lot of value. You can browse our range of diamond engagement rings on our website for inspiration, or you can visit our Hatton Garden showroom based in London, we’d love to see you!

If you require assistance in relation to buying an engagement ring, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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