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Romantic Proposal Ideas

Are you finally looking to pop the question but in need of a little inspiration to make it different, and special? We understand how exciting, daunting AND overwhelming the whole experience can be, which is why we’re going to try and make it a little easier for you.

First things first, you’ve chosen a beautifully crafted diamond engagement ring, right? Now you just need to keep it hidden, preferably somewhere safe and somewhere they won’t ‘accidentally’ stumble upon it. Marriage proposals come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the type of person you are, it’s really up to you and how you want to express the love you have for your partner.

In this article, we’ll share a few romantic proposal ideas so you can see what tickles your fancy, whether or not you prefer a private marriage proposal, public or even Christmas proposal. We’ve got something to suit everyone, let’s take a look!

Christmas Proposals

If Christmas wasn’t magical enough, a proposal could make it even better. (It would be pretty epic if Santa Claus had some involvement in the proposal, but we can’t have everything!) Marriage proposals at Christmas are exceedingly popular and this is because families are guaranteed to be gathered in the same place at the same time! We know how hard it can be to try and catch up with everyone when we’re all busy. Here are the top 3 Christmas day proposal ideas to get your brain into gear.

The Classic Christmas Tree Proposal – Before you get started with anything, make sure Mariah and Michael Bublé are at the ready, get a few songs on shuffle, those pair have our hearts at Christmas time, you can’t deny it. Christmas tree decorating is quite fun, you can admire your decorating skills and then make sure your other half is the one to put the angel or the star at the top of the tree. This is then your chance to get down on one knee.

Advent Calendar Proposal – We’re never too old for advent calendars and chocolate. If you’re looking to be very creative with your proposal, a customised advent calendar is one way to go. You can get an advent calendar personally made with all the things your other half loves and pop an engagement ring in one! It’s best to build the suspense and excitement, so leave it until the 24th December hits and watch as they open it. Creative, isn’t it?

The Christmas Light Proposal – You need patience for this one. You need some Christmas lights, no doubt they’ll be tangled in an estimated 74 different ways, so it’ll take you a while to get them back to normal. You can use the lights to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” on the front of your house or on the lawn, we do not recommend placing them on the roof unless you have Rudolph to help you on the roof – you always need to be safe! This is a lovely proposal idea as when the lights are switched on in the dark, it looks pretty cool!

christmas light proposal

Private Proposals

It’s no doubt that private proposals are more intimate, and if you’re one to not like public displays, you’ll probably fall into this category. Everyone is different so each proposal is special in their own way. Check out a few ideas for private proposals!

The Private Dinner – Before you skip over this one, it’s not just dinner! It’s dinner with an intimate, romantic story. You can set up symbols such as messages, images, and videos if you’re aiming to go for a well thought out, considerate proposal. This is extremely romantic as it shows real thought and creativity. There are many romantic restaurants in London where you could pop the question, it’d make a perfect trip too if you’re not from there!

The Favourite Place – Every couple has a favourite place they frequently visit, whether it’s a beautiful park in the woods, a favourite beach or a favourite restaurant. If you take into consideration your partner’s favourite things and what they like, it really does go a long way!

The Beach Proposal – The private beach proposal has become quite popular over recent years. It provides a beautiful setting all round and it’s a simple proposal which has a large impact.

private proposal on rooftop

Public Proposals

The Love Bridge in Paris – This might just be our favourite so far! A bridge in Paris is known for its symbolic padlocks by loved up couples. The padlocks are also known as “love locks” and they are tied on to the Pont des Arts before the key is thrown into the River Seine. You can tie a love lock to the bridge with your partner, get them to throw the key and then get down on one knee.

Ice Skating Proposal – We’ll assume you’re not the next Torvill and Dean, but ice skating is a fun activity to participate in with your partner and it can make the evening even more magical with a proposal.

Scavenger Hunt Proposal – This might be the most creative and crazy idea we’ve come across yet! A scavenger hunt is very fun, maybe enlist some friends to help participate so that your other half actually ends up where they’re meant to be. You could plan a town or citywide scavenger hunt that makes sure they cross favourite places that lead to you, ready to pop the big question.

ice skating proposal

There are many, many more proposal ideas that you can probably hunt for on the web, but we hope our ideas have given you some inspiration to follow your own proposal so that your partner will give you an astounding yes. Make sure you take the time to choose the perfect ring, it’s not a decision to be made lightly. If you need a little help, check out the engagement ring trends of 2018, they have a few gems in there too!

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