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Engagement Ring Trends 2018

It’s no surprise engagement rings have evolved over the past century. We have seen diamond halos become popular, round cut diamond rings have had their time to shine (literally) and pear-shaped diamond rings have made the greatest comeback – we can’t keep up!

We understand choosing an engagement ring for your loved one can be extremely daunting, but once you know their style, you’re already halfway there! Then you just need to consider the colour, clarity, and carat. To give you a little inspiration when it comes down to choosing the perfect engagement ring, here are the most popular engagement trends in 2018!


Halo style engagement rings are one of the most popular designs of the modern day, because of their eye-catching and unique designs. A halo ring is a ring where smaller diamonds surround the centre stone and with additional stones, the centre diamond appears larger. They are intricate and timeless designs which demand attention, and we don’t think any brides to be will complain!

We couldn’t not put the halo engagement design on our list of 2018 trends, we think this particular design be popular for many years to come. Need some inspiration for a halo engagement ring? We thought you might.

diamond engagement ring selection

Left: 0.50ct halo style diamond ring in 18k white gold | Centre: Vintage diamond ring 1ct | Right: 0.25ct halo style diamond ring in 18k white gold.

Three Stone

Three stone engagement rings have three diamonds or gemstones (as you probably could’ve guessed) set closely together. We have seen a range of three stone rings with innovative and unique designs made with white gold. Three stone rings are also known as trilogy rings and the three stones represent the past, present, and future of life together – so it’s the perfect symbol for showing your significant other how much you love them.

With three stone engagement rings, they also provide a great opportunity to add a personal touch – maybe an additional sparkle if you will.


Although many engagement ring trends will come and go, solitaire is one that will always make it onto annual trends lists because they never go out of style. When it comes to solitaire rings, they are designed with a single diamond or stone, placed in the centre. It’s a classic and traditional look ideal for those with a simple style. It is known that on many occasions, simplicity does work best and with these style rings, it’s absolutely right.

Solitaires are one of the most popular engagement rings of 2018 and we’re not surprised. If you’re looking for elegance and timelessness, we’ve just made your decision a little easier!

Check out the few solitaire designs below and let us know which one is tickling your fancy.

solitaire engagement ring selection

Left: 18k white gold 4 claw solitaire diamond ring 0.50ct | Centre: Classic 4 claw solitaire ring in 18k white or yellow gold | Right: Contemporary diamond engagement ring 0.40ct


Everything vintage always manages to come back and make a large statement. Vintage engagement rings boast classic and distinct designs, in a range of cuts, metals and carat weights. Many vintage rings push the boundaries of conventional design which is what makes them most charming and completely captivating.

Vintage diamond engagement rings are ideal if you’re searching for something a little different, with its own character and charm.

vintage diamond engagement rings

Left: 18ct white gold 0.60 ct diamond oval ring with rose gold milgrain | Right: Oval cut 0.85 ct halo diamond ring

Determine Your Own Style

There are many other engagement ring styles that are available that we think will become quite popular in the next few years – such as the Tiffany and the cluster style. Choosing an engagement ring, let alone a diamond engagement ring can be a difficult task so we hope the trends of 2018 have helped influence your next move on your engagement journey. If you do, however, require advice about which rings and styles are best, don’t hesitate to contact us as we’d love nothing more than to help.

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