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The Best Way to Clean and Care for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

There’s nothing quite like the sparkle of a beautiful diamond ring. Diamond rings will always be popular, not only for brides-to-be, but also for those who appreciate true beauty. But just like any other piece of jewellery, your diamond engagement ring needs a bit of care. Mind you, taking care of and cleaning your diamond ring need not be a difficult task – in fact, it’s something you can easily do at home with a few household ingredients. Following are some tips you should remember on the best way to clean and care for your diamond engagement ring.


What’s the dirt?

Before you get carried away with cleaning hacks or superstitions related to keeping your diamond ring clean and sparkling, the first step is to determine what it is that is making your diamond ring lose its lustre and shine. This will depend on what kinds of activities you often do. If you’re a very active person who does a lot of yard work or you constantly work in the kitchen, your diamond engagement ring may have absorbed a lot of compacted dirt or oil. If this is the case, it’s best to take it to the jewellers’ so it can be professionally cleaned.

But if you’re like everyone else and your diamond engagement ring is just dirtied by simple products such as lotions, makeup, hair products, or perfume – then you can clean it yourself.

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The simple way is the best way

To clean your ring, all you need is dishwashing liquid and warm water. The water should preferably be as near to ‘hot’ as possible. Mix a few drops of the dishwashing liquid in the water and soak your diamond ring for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Then, brush the stone on the ring with a toothbrush or other brush with very soft bristles. After brushing, rinse your diamond ring under running water (also warm). Check the ring – is it already shiny and sparkly, or does it need a further brushing? If so, then repeat the process.


What to avoid

There are certain substances you should avoid when it comes to your diamond engagement ring. Household cleaning products such as acetone, bleach, and chlorine should be avoided. These products contain harsh chemicals which can break down the metals in your diamond ring. Avoid exposing your ring to cleaning products which are also abrasive, such as baking soda, toothpaste, or other cleaners in powdered form.


Another product you should stay away from at home is those ultrasonic jewellery cleaners – these machines for cleaning jewellery can end up damaging or harming them, especially if you have a diamond engagement ring with pave stones. The vibrations from such a machine can sometimes dislodge or displace a stone if the settings are weak. Instead, bring your ring to a professional jeweller for ultrasonic cleaning so if the settings are loose, they can easily tighten or repair it.

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