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A Closer Look at Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

A Closer Look at Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re not aware of it yet, halo diamond engagement rings have been around for a while. In fact, they first made their appearance in the 20s, when the ‘Art Deco’ style was in vogue. But what exactly is a halo ring, and why are they a great alternative to the traditional solitaire engagement ring? Let’s find out.


A halo diamond engagement ring explained

Basically, a halo diamond engagement ring is a unique setting in which a central diamond is encircled with a series of round micro-pave or pave diamonds or other gemstones. The pave diamonds or stones are meant to centralise or focus your attention on the centre stone. With a halo diamond engagement ring, the centre stone looks larger – even a quarter-carat or half-carat stone can often look up to a half-carat bigger. It can be said that with a halo diamond engagement ring, you get more value for your money, especially if you are on a budget – but the style and beauty isn’t sacrificed, either.


Popular halo Halo Engagement Ringdiamond engagement ring shapes

There are many popular shapes when it comes to halo diamond engagement rings, but the most popular are the round shape, the princess cut (a square shape), the heart shape, and the pear shape. The round-shaped halo diamond engagement ring is a classic, stylish design, where the central stone is round and surrounded by pave diamonds on a platinum or white gold band. You can choose to have the shank – the portion of the ring which wraps around the finger – studded with small stones as well for a more dramatic effect, as long as there are an equal number of stones on each side to create symmetry.



Another popular shape is the princess cut, which is basically a square shape – also considered a classic, especially since it makes the centre diamond look more dramatic when paired with a series of round pave stones. Heart-shaped and pear-shaped halo rings are also increasingly popular for those who want a more unique, one-of-a-kind look. In fact, those who may not normally like a pear- or heart-shaped diamond will be happy to know that when these are surrounded by pave stones, the ‘pointy’ look is reduced, and there is also less likelihood of damage to the pointed edge of the stone.


Additional options

You have other options when it comes to halo diamond engagement rings. For one, you can choose coloured gemstones surrounding the centre stone for a more contrasting look and appeal. You can also opt for the reverse – a coloured diamond or stone surrounded by colourless diamonds or stones, such as the Duchess of Cambridge’s (and formerly Princess Diana’s) engagement ring, a sapphire oval central stone surrounded on all sides by smaller diamonds. Other choices include opting to pave the ring’s shank, as mentioned, and even going for more than one halo to encircle the central stone.

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