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Guide to buying an eternity ring

There are two main types of eternity rings: ‘Full’ where the diamonds go all the way round the band or ‘Half’ where the top 60% of the ring is set with diamonds, leaving the underneath plain gold or platinum. A 1ct full eternity ring is typically 2.1mm wide where as because there are less diamonds needed in a half eternity ring, the diamonds will be larger and typically this type of ring will be 3.1mm wide.

Eternity Rings 1ct Full & Half

The other choice you will have to make is whether you require a traditional claw set design made popular by the Tiffany eternity ring or channel set where the diamonds sit between a channel. Compare these designs below:


Eternity Rings Channel or Claw Set

Brilliant cut round diamonds remain the most popular choice for setting into an eternity ring, but you can choose from princess, emerald or baguette cut diamonds to make the perfect ring of your choice. You will also need to consider whether you want 18ct white or yellow gold or choose the subtle glow of Platinum. Ideally, the metal type should be the same as your engagement ring or wedding band if you are going to wear on the same finger so as to avoid wear between dis-similar metals.

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