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At BiggerDiamonds4less we believe the best way to build a successful business is by providing customers with exceptional value and outstanding service. The best form of advertising is a recommendation by word of mouth, so we strive to surpass customer expectations in the hope that you will recommend us to others.


It can be a real minefield buying online and whilst we are here to answer your questions, why not pop in and see us? You will have the opportunity to view several different diamonds within your price range and choose from a variety of settings. For an appointment call Tel 020 3663 6904


"I honestly believe you cannot buy better value diamond jewellery anywhere at any price. I give you my personal promise that if your Burscarf jewellery does not meet your expectations in any way, you can return it within 14 days of purchase for exchange or full refund" - Richard Burgess, CEO


Conflict Diamonds & Ethical Business

Burscarf Ltd operates a zero tolerance towards conflict or ‘blood diamonds’ as they are sometimes known. We only source diamonds through respected and ethical suppliers and insist any diamonds supplied to us are conflict free.

Diamonds and precious metals are produced in some countries of the world where living standards, social responsibility and human rights are less than what we expect in the UK. Our ethical & social policy is as follows;

RULE 1. All suppliers must observe the highest local staff welfare standards

RULE 2. Encourage research of better ways to extract gold & other precious metals with minimum environmental impact

RULE 3. Commit to buying gold from recycled and secondary sources

RULE 4. Only buy ‘conflict free’ diamonds from reliable sources

RULE 5. Discourage the use of child labour

You can confidently enjoy your new diamond knowing that people have not been exploited along the way and that no profits have gone towards financing war-lords or drugs.

For more information about the Kimberley Process and Conflict Free Diamonds visit www.thekimberleyprocess.com


5% Of Profits Donated To The Diamond Development Initiative

We're proud to be supporters of the Diamond Development Initiative a charity which supports diamond miners and their families in less privileged parts of the world. 

Each year, we donate 5% of our profits so you can delight in your new diamond jewellery with the added knowledge that you are helping those who work hard to release nature's sparkling gift from mother Earth.